The mystery guest hadn't been invited exactly. It was more like he insisted he be allowed to go. But that wasn't anything new for the mystery guest. He was used to it by now.

He was used to being hard to describe too. Asked to describe the mystery guest, you'd probably say something like "bad manicure" or "might be from L.A."

The mystery guest has developed software that creates an embroidery pattern based on your ability to forget where you left your keys. Nobody at the party seemed to be very excited. The mystery guest went back to the piano and played the Beatles tune again.

It's funny when you're the mystery guest. People are really interested in you for the first five minutes then suddenly the download is complete or something and they have somewhere else to go.

Another thing the mystery guest was used to by now : nobody can stand the mystery guest. There was pot though and the mystery guest had an idea, why not tell it to everybody? "Highways," the mystery guest said. "On the Internet you can go to this highway intersection and it's like David Lynch's favorite highway intersection, but in real time."