Microsoft Windows 98 Launch

In addition to coming up with very creative uses of online media, W&K is also quite good at executing extremely large interactive campaigns.

In this case, Microsoft spent approximately $4MM in online media in less than 90 days. That's the TV equivalent of a $100MM national TV buy in the same time period. This work was everywhere. To keep it fresh we ended up with over 50 separate executions.

The problem

How to, in a time of much public debate about Windows and Microsoft, explain the end-user benefits of upgrading to the online audience.

The solution

Simplify. Simplify. Simplify. Instead of trying to build a site that explained every benefit, or attempting to write banner copy that gave an overall benefit to upgrading, the campaign simply focused on the improvements that most affected users in their daily computer experience.

The primary messages we presented were "more disk space," "faster," "USB support" and "automatic maintenance." Once users clicked on a banner, they were taken to a jump page that provided a clear and straightforward editorial path. They would find more detail about the banner message that had brought them to the jump page and then were offered the opportunity to visit the other jump pages, go to the Windows 98 site, or order online. Simple.

Pure Banners

Windows 98 Banners

Pure Jump Pages

Windows 98 Jump Pages

Partner Banners

Windows 98 Partner Banners

Audio Banners

Windows 98 Audio Banners

The results

This campaign not only generated a tremendous amount of banner traffic, it was also recognized in the advertising trade as an example of online advertising excellence.

One Show Interactive Gold -- Simple Banner (click only) Campaign

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