AT LAS Winter 98

Back in the winter of 1998 we won another sweepstakes vacation to a dude ranch, only this time the vacation lasted five years. Remember that clean mountain air, those high plateaus and the freshly mown alfalfa? They proved again such welcome respite from dotcom lunacy that we almost forgot the Web existed -- not to mention San Francisco. But then our cell phone rang, with reports that Atlas had fallen into a morbid pit of decomissioned servers. Adrenaline pumping, we dove onto the magic Atlocarpet and threw her into high gear (or whatever carpets have), burning code all the way back to headquarters, where we found some awfully sour milk in the fridge. It took us a while to dust off the buddhas and hook up the generator, but it looks Atlas is back. For a while anyway. You never know in this town.

So without further ado ...

Ted Terbolizard does Atlas. Log Buddha premieres: It's Buddha's digitoscope ant farm -- it's channel surfing the reincarnation highway -- it's more than we bargained for -- it's Fermat's theorem with a human face -- it's also interactive (excluding tax and shipping charge). Futurefarmers explore the latest in bioweb technologies.


Pulitzer Prize-winner Stanley Karnow explains how he found himself in Paris in the Fifties. Mystery Guy, Ken Coupland's dyspeptic online multimedia novel, premieres. And Cybordello continues, featuring Ken's Weekly Best Use of the Web.

Bob Sacha is Under New York, where you'll find surprising machines. Adam Kufeld reports in from Cuba, where they still don't have online gambling. Catherine Karnow went to Bombay (that is, Mumbai) and graces our screens with "Bombay Bazaar," with quotes from text by Pico Iyer. Olivier Laude goes deep into the Chinese countryside with a look at China's vernacular rural architecture.

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What's eating Adam McCauley? Find out in Fast food part II (265K).
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