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"It's that time of year again." The leaves have fallen, the snow blankets the ground and the good people at Atlas are hard at work in their cozy fur-lined burrows, where the holiday cathode warmly glows.

Meanwhile, the good people at the American Stock Exchange made us an offer we could not refuse. Atlas has decided to make its first initial public stock offering. Yes, Atlas stock is here! It's easy: just click here, type in your name and the number of shares you want, and off you go. Live large, invest boldly, bid aggressively, lavish bullishly, warm up to profits. And best of all, it's virtual and it's free! Life was never this easy, winter was never this cozy!

And one last word from our sponsors: "Remember folks, Atlas is built one molecule at a time"; this is a long and difficult process, our staff is hard at work crafting the best possible bang for no money. So remember, be patient, come back often and most importantly, don't forget: "Atlas is foie gras for your bandwidth." Seasons Greetings from all of us to all of you ...

Olivier Laude

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Scenic Interiors is interior design as devised by a bunch of 
filthy workaholic anti-slackers with waning socialist agendas.

paradise online
Henrik Dresher reports from New Zealand with Exhumation / Inhalation, an animated commentary on Balinese cremation rituals. Tim Carroll curates A Is for Alien Abduction, an alliterative alphabetical art show. Ken Coupland debuts Vaitarni River (The River of Low Returns), the first online serial comic novel. John Hersey contributes Resident Alien, an animated short about extraterrestrial cuisine. Bob Aufuldish presents fontBoy, an interactive font catalog.


Julie Winokur homes in on Hindu pop iconology and its meanings 
in Technicolor Gods.


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