I was at a house party, lucky enough to be off my head on magic mushrooms. David Karam and Jamie Levy were roommates and had TWO MacIIcis, unbelievable at the time. They are both very successful computer artists now, they were continually unemployed then, a problem I also dealt with in the early 90s. Anyway, I can barely stand up when I'm shrooming, so I was kind of glued to the chair and stuck staring at the screen. The pixel resolution of a color monitor was so much cooler than a tv, I remember loving to be high and watching the pixels sort of morph around. I think people at the party though it was really weird that someone would use a machine when there was a whole house packed with people, you know, like when you're at an art opening and no one looks at the art, they just socialize. Nowdays I do live video, interactive toys and internet jamming at parties with computers and I even get paid for it 8). Check out the use of the brand new crystalize filter, I think it was.

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