Welcome to the 1991
Terbo Ted Photoshop Gallery

These images were created six years ago,
long before the myriad of Photoshop
filters and upgrades now in use.
Color monitors for the Macintosh were still rare.
I had never seen a CDrom.
My friends called me Tahoe Ted.
I had a MacSE and never used it for graphics,
only music, so these were made
at various locations and had to fit on a floppy disk.
Text descriptions accompany each of the nine images presented.

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adf aust 23 blob color 91 (25k)
blur one (7k)
Channel One (58k)
charcoal blred macwise (32k)
new world (63k)
tedblobs (30k)
tedted (14k)
Untitled-1 (22k)

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