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PHOTOGRAPHY Lori Grinker on a music school for blind girls in Cairo. Olivier Laude on Mexican migrants across the U.S. border. Ed Kashi on the Crimea, Russia's vacation paradise. EDITORIAL Julie Winokur homes in on Hindu pop iconology and its meanings with Technicolor Gods. CYBERBILLY Scenic Interiors is interior design as devised by a bunch of filthy slackers with nascent socialist agendas. Terbo Ted raves about his stay at a Japanese love hotel. The Post Tool Play Page is about as much fun as you can have on the Net. PARADISE ONLINE Tim Carroll curates A Is for Alien Abduction, an alliterative alphabetical art show. Ken Coupland debuts Vaitarni River (The River of Low Returns), the first online serial comic novel. John Hersey contributes Resident Alien, an animated short about extraterrestrial cuisine. Bob Aufuldish presents fontBoy, an interactive font catalog. Henrik Dresher reports from New Zealand with Exhumation / Inhalation, an animated commentary on Balinese cremation rituals. G R A N D O P E N I N G ! ! ! SILK ROAD With our latest edition of @tlas, we'll be advertising products we feel are undeservedly underrepresented here in the West. MISCELLANY NameDroppings : a sharing experience for our fans @ Please write us at atlas@atlasmagazine.com if you have technical problems or rave praise. The @tlas experience will be super-enhanced if you download Netscape 3.0, the Shockwave & RealAudio plug-ins, and (if you're a Mac surfer) StuffIt Expander. @ For further developments . . . please stay tuned!
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