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Earlier this year the world was roused from its slumber by the news that British scientists had successfully cloned a sheep from its mother's DNA. Atlas is responding by launching a full-scale campaign to be the first Web site to successfully clone itself. After months of research we have finally achieved our goal. You can now experience this scientific "tour de force" and see for yourself what the Atlas team of geneticists have been able to achieve. Atlas is now proud to announce ... Atlas.

Adam Kufeld looks back on his years in El Salvador. Robin Bowman returns from Cuba with a personal look at the land of Fidel. Karen Kasmauski reports on Appalachia.

Adam McCauley checks in with an animated peek at good eatin' on the run. Part one of a three-part series.

Terbo Ted's Terbovision kicks in to overdrive, so hold on to your browsers. (And don't miss Death Patrol, which is guaranteed to crash your browser -- or your money back!) And in other cyberdevelopments, Amy Franceschini is bioengineering a new Web site,

Mystery Guy, Ken Coupland's stirring serial novel, debuts in weekly installments. Cybordello, our pick of the best use of the Web, is a new weekly feature.

Elsewhere in Atlas . . .
namedroppings Atlas readers share their prized URLs. Now this is our idea of a good time.
gallery A new section for Web-centric digital art. MIDI concerts, HTML symphonies, and JavaScript jazz; are you the next artist on our bill?
credits Atlas Web Design: Who we are; the awards we've won.

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