San Francisco Design Solutions Synopsis


San Francisco Design Solutions International
Marketing Consortium

San Francisco Design Solutions is made up of 17 Bay Area design firms encompassing graphic, industrial and multimedia design services. The consortium is supported through the combined and leveraged resources of the member firms, and through the support of firms in allied industries, including Apple Computer, Inc.

The purpose of the consortium is to create an international marketing infrastructure to promote the export of US design services. This infrastructure is now under construction and consists of: a showcase international marketing portfolio in print, San Francisco Design Solutions; a web-site (;  and a state-of-the-art new-media presentation for exhibition at trade events.

An international road show in conjunction with industry and government partners was launched in Mexico in August 1998. Future projects include a series of international articles on US design trends, and a planned seminar series on the nuances of the international design business.

The San Francisco Bay Area is an internationally recognized center for the design industry, including architectural, graphic, industrial and multimedia design. The competitive advantage this industry possesses in world markets can be summed up as follows:

1. Technology

Because San Francisco's design community has grown with the development of neighboring Silicon Valley, it has served as a testing ground for design innovation by working with design technology companies like Apple Computer and Macromedia that are continually setting new technological boundaries. This has resulted in an international competitive advantage for local firms, since design technology pushes innovation and the ability to produce outstanding results.

2. US Market Expertise

Long expertise in successfully positioning clients in one of the world's most intensely competitive markets makes the San Francisco Bay Area industry especially attractive for foreign firms planning to enter the US market.

3. New Perspectives

When it comes to finding innovative marketing solutions, nothing is of greater value than a fresh perspective. In-house or local designers may be limited in style or lack experience with a broad market, or they may simply be too close to clearly see the problem and the product. A San Francisco design firm can provide a new perspective, offering the aggressive strategies and agile design today's competitive markets require. That's why Sanyo Department Stores of Japan chose a San Francisco design firm to freshen its corporate identity.

The group marketing approach of San Francisco Design Solutions presents a broad range of state-of-the art design services easily accessible under one umbrella. Clients interested in learning more about the services offered through the group can consult the consortium's web-site, contact individual member firms directly, or the U.S. Department of Commerce liaison office in San Francisco. Initial contact can be facilitated through international video-conference meetings at offices in San Francisco and in U.S. Embassies in target markets overseas. The group is also exploring opportunities for opening representative offices through partners in key markets.