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Chemical tanker for alcohol

Cleaning out tank 4 Center of "Bow Saphir"a chemical tanker that has been used to transport pure alcohol from Brazil to Scandinavia for, I was told but not able to confirm, Absolute vodka. She made three trips (2 in '89, one in '88) with approximately 7,500 cubic meters of pure alcohol. Tank 4 Center holds 1,802 cubic meters, which when you water it down to 80 proof & put it in 0.75 liter bottles is 3,857,066 bottles of vodka. The boat was photographed in Rotterdam after off loading linseed oil, before being loaded with caustic soda. I was told that technically speaking food and beverages are not allowed to be transported in a chemical tanker, but since the alcohol was purchased as excess gasohol in Brazil, it could be transported as a chemical before it was refined again and blended into vodka.

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