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As a photojournalist and documentary photographer, ED KASHI is in constant pursuit of topics that interest or concern him. To date he has completed personal essays that deal with issues such as the heroin problem in Poland, culture and nightlife in Berlin, the return of the Soviet veterans from the Afghanistan war, and overpopulation in Cairo's City of the Dead. Ed spent three years (1988-1991) documenting the Loyalist community in Northern Ireland. In 1991 he received a WESTAF NEA grant for this project and self-published the work in The Protestants: No Surrender.

Last year he produced an essay on the motorbike culture of Saigon, and he went to Africa to work on a political story for Vanity Fair. Ed is currently working on a long-term project which will examine the life of Jewish settlers living in the West Bank. One photograph from this series received an honorable mention in the World Press Photo 1995 competition.

Since 1991 Ed's attention has been focused primarily on issues in the Middle East while working with National Geographic. These efforts have resulted in two cover stories -- on the Kurds and on water problems in the Middle East -- in addition to stories on Syria and the Crimea. (His story on Syria will be published in early 1996.) The Kurds, a story Ed researched and proposed to National Geographic, has since been published in a book, When the Borders Bleed: The Struggle of the Kurds (Pantheon Books), co-authored with Christopher Hitchens. His stories on the Kurds and Northern Ireland have been widely exhibited.

Between editorial assignments and personal projects, Ed lectures around the country on photojournalism and documentary photography and participates in related forums. Since 1992 he has given several workshops and seminars, including Master Workshops at The Friends of Photography in San Francisco, and a lecture and workshop at the International Center of Photography in New York.

Ed's work has appeared in National Geographic, Time, Fortune, Geo, Life, Smithsonian, London Independent Magazine, Newsweek, Forbes, Vanity Fair, The New York Times Magazine, Audubon, Granta, and Aperture among many domestic and international publications.

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