" My camera bag [was] stuffed with dead fish ... "

The Sassoon Dock Fish Market

The Sassoon Dock Fish Market is a maelstrom of noise and confusion, fish slipping and sliding under your feet, the stench of fish and shrimp rotting in the hot sun, and so many people crowded on the docks, it's almost impossible to move. Hundreds of women squat around enormous piles of tiny shrimp, shelling them one by one, well into the mid- afternoon heat. Everywhere it is filthy- dirty and stinky, yet somehow these women remain pristine and clean in their exquisite orange, pink and turquoise sarees. Unfortunately, they did not want to be photographed, and despite my effort to be friendly, they only became more hostile. They kept shouting and laughing and throwing fish and shrimp at me. Later, back in my hotel room, I discovered the pockets and lens compartments of my camera bag stuffed with dead fish. I could never get rid of the smell, even after soaking my bag in a gallon of lemon juice.


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