Lori Grinker : Biographical Note

Lori Grinker began her career in 1980, while still a student at Parsons School of Design, when her photo-essay about a young boxer was published as a cover story by Inside Sports. During that time she met another young boxer, 13 year old Mike Tyson, whose life she documented for a decade following.

Her work to date has been more social-humanistic in nature and has taken her to the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, the USSR, Africa and throughout the United States. In February of 1993 her photographs and text covering the plight of the Dinka tribe in Southern Sudan was published on the Op-Ed page of The New York Times and featured on CNN's International Hour. A second photo-essay on the subject of war veterans from around the globe appeared on the Op-Ed page in November, 1993. To date, Lori is the only photographer to have had two photographic Op-Ed pieces published in The New York Times.

Her photographs have been exhibited in museums and galleries in Paris, Arles, Amsterdam, Jerusalem, Miami, Chicago and New York and her work has been featured in Life, The New York Times Sunday Magazine, Newsweek, People, The Sunday Times Magazine (London), Stern, GEO, French Photo, and American Photo. Her work has appeared in several book collections including: More Reflections on the Meaning of Life, David Friend and the Editors of Life (Little Brown and Company); The Wall: A Day at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial (St. Martins Press); Medicine at War (Epicenter Press); Truth Needs No Ally: Inside Photojournalism, by Howard Chapnick (University of Missouri Press); A Day in the Life of Israel (Collins Publishers); and the forthcoming A day in the Life of Thailand and Jerusalem 3000, (Collins Publishers), The Mission (Epicenter Press), and Material World: The Women's Project (Sierra Club Books). She has been a member of Contact Press Images since 1988.

Awards include: The Marty Forscher Grant for Humanistic Photography (for In The Footsteps of the Dead: Veterans from a World at War ); an Emmy citation for Bill Moyers' Creativity in America ; Pictures of the Year: Award of Excellence (for Mike Tyson); Picture of the Year: 1995 - Honorable mention (for a special orphange program); and The 1995 World Press Award - first place (for The Blind Women's Orchestra of Cairo, Egypt). She has been twice nominated for the W. Eugene Smith Grant for In The Footsteps of the Dead.

Lori's book, The Invisible Thread: A Portrait of Jewish American Women, is an intimate collection of 120 b/w photographs which explores the diverse experience of Jewish Women In America. The Invisible Thread is the culmination of six years of work and is part of the permanent collections of the Israeli Museum in Jerusalem and the Jewish Museums in Amsterdam, and New York City. Published in 1989 by The Jewish Publication Society, the book is now in its fourth printing.

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