f o n t B o y   i n t e r a c t i v e   c a t a l o g

creative director: Bob Aufuldish
interface designer: Bob Aufuldish
writer: Mark Bartlett
interactive programming: Dave Granvold
sounds (music composers): Scott Pickering, Bob Aufuldish
sound editor: Bob Aufuldish
design firm: Aufuldish & Warinner
font designers: Bob Aufuldish, Kathy Warinner
client: fontBoy

download self-extracting catalog in BinHex format
( Macintosh : 1,196 K -- larger file, safer download )

download self-extracting catalog in MacBinary format
( Macintosh : 870 K -- smaller file, riskier download )

download catalogue as a ZIP archive
( Macintosh : 755 K -- if you have a ZIP extractor )


fontBoy doesn't want to be in the catalog printing business. He doesn't have the money or the inclination. An interactive, screen-based catalog was designed in the hope that there might be some way to promote fonts without a "physical" catalog.

The solution is an interactive catalog that allows the viewer to view samples of fonts, print out bitmapped samples of fonts, get ordering information, and find out about future releases all within a warm fuzzy environment of goofy colors, witty words, and funny sounds. In the main holding screen, letterforms float randomly in space. When the mouse is passed over a letter, the letter stops its motion and the name of the font appears. Double clicking on the letter takes the viewer to another screen that displays a full showing of the font. For the impatient, a directory is provided so that the font showings can be quickly accessed. Also accessible from the main holding screen are: ordering information, fontBoy philosophy, and brief biographies of the designers.

The project was purposefully kept small enough to fit on to one high-density floppy disk to allow for easy distribution of the project and to ensure that it downloads quickly. The response to the project and the fonts shown therein has been enthusiastic although distribution of the fonts has been a problem. For this reason, a web site has been designed. Visit it at http://www.well.com/~bobauf/fontboy.html

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