Stella Lai : Hero

Taking his cue from communist posters, a nerd in glasses has his revenge. He steals center stage from the muscle-bound men who usually dominate propaganda art. Cropped elements from communist posters combine with the pungent colors of artist Stella Lai's native Hong Kong, to create this ode to the underdog. Stella hopes that Chinese propaganda posters shrivel at the sight of "Hero."

Starting with a scan of a Chinese propaganda poster, Stella Lai cut out the original "hero" and then colorized the flag to intensify the red. She imported a photo of a friend, cut him out using a scissor tool and replaced the original hero. She then drew blue circles over the eyes and lowered the opacity to intensify our nerd's eye color. The hat is cut out from another propaganda poster, while the flowers from the original poster have been duplicated and flipped to simulate a bouquet. The background was scanned in and cut out to create a frame. Airplanes cut from a painting have been colored blue and duplicated onto the frame.

Stella Lai has worked with photographers and designers in San Francisco and Hong Kong. She is currently studying graphic design at California College of Arts and Crafts.

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