John Hersey : Man Kneeling

John Hersey's goal is to create the "intentional mistake quality" in his illustrations. "Man Kneeling" is a stream of unconsciousness that grew out of a few dissociated visual elements Hersey found floating around his computer.

First, Hersey scanned a black-and-white photograph of his assistant who was instructed to hold a chair in a "heroic" pose. The pregnant flying worm alien was created in a 3-D program and then imported. (If 3-D illustration is not your thing, you could have just scanned an image of your favorite UFO.) Since Hersey's assistant's face was a little too pedestrian for his taste, the artist added a 3-D lollipop head to the mix. (Don't feel compelled to try this at home.) The alien transmission streaks were created in an illustration application and then imported. In LivePix, opacity was applied to give the illusion of transparency.

John Hersey's illustrations have appeared in Vibe, Wired, LA Times Magazine, The Face, Le Monde, Washington Post, Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, New York Times Magazine, Atlantic Monthly, and the Wall Street Journal. His clients include Absolut, Swatch, Marriot, Pentagram, IBM, Apple Computers, MCI, Graphic Artists Guild, Microsoft, Adobe, Goodby Berlin Silverstine, Esprit, Bennetton, Zundesign, Grey Advertising, J. Walter Thompson, and Foote Cone & Belding. The list goes on.

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