John Hersey : Garage Alien

Our own resident alien, John Hersey, is a Kunuk from up north. It's no surprise he fantasizes about outer space. After a recent trip to Europe, Hersey returned to the Bay Area with fresh eyes and a fascination for empty places near his home. "Garage Alien" juxtaposes architectural emptiness with 3-D elements. He calls the illustration an "incidental alien photograph." In English that translates into a transmission back to the mother ship of an ordinary object, like a garage, which an alien might find strangely human.

First, Hersey scanned a black-and-white photo of a garage. Then he created the space creature in a 3-D program and imported it into LivePix where he blurred the edges to suggest the sense of motion. (If 3-D illustration is not your thing, you could have just scanned an image of your favorite UFO.) The alien transmission streaks were created in an illustration application and then imported. In LivePix, opacity was applied to give the illusion of transparency.

John Hersey's illustrations have appeared in Vibe, Wired, LA Times Magazine, The Face, Le Monde, Washington Post, Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, New York Times Magazine, Atlantic Monthly, and the Wall Street Journal. His clients include Absolut, Swatch, Marriot, Pentagram, IBM, Apple Computers, MCI, Graphic Artists Guild, Microsoft, Adobe, Goodby Berlin Silverstine, Esprit, Bennetton, Zundesign, Grey Advertising, J. Walter Thompson, and Foote Cone & Belding. The list goes on.

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