Danh Nguyen : Stalina

Stalin's twisted identity is torqued even further in "Stalina." Danh Nguyen wanted to show what happens when a dictator lifts his skirt. This satirical illustration reveals the fairer side of evil.

Stalin's photo was scanned at 72 dpi. His faced was masked and blurred so it would blend in well with the layer containing the background. Danh Nguyen created the yellow background by filling a layer and then cutting out a blob shape using the circle tool and dropping out the inverse. The wig was cropped from a piece of clip and a high feather radius of 80-100 was used to delete portions so they would appear to lie behind the blob background. On the next layer, Danh scanned a magazine photo of bed sheets then cut and cloned the star shape. The text was created from Xeroxed type which was then enlarged, cut and pasted.

Danh Nguyan was born in Vietnam, and grew up a southern belle in New Orleans. Most of his ideas come from taking long walks among the oaks on the plantation. He graduated from the California College of Arts and Crafts and is currently doing freelance design work.....painting, drawing, and writing when possible.

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