Dream a new reality into being.

In Utopia,
your imagination is the only thing
that can hold you back.

Take the world around you -
family, friends, pets, religion, food, love, sex, politics -
and morph them into something you want them to be.

LivePix lets you elongate, collage, duplicate, cut out, and change the colors of
your photos. Print them out or e-mail them
to your most conservative friends.


Get rid of the landfill in the backyard.

Insist that satellite dishes
the size of yachts
should be set out to sea.

Show Jeff Goldblum what aliens really look like.

Prove that Dr. Seuss and Terry Gilliam are inhibited.
Turn day to night and night to day.
Make the sun and the moon rise together in your living room.

Don't speculate.
Make it happen.

LivePix gives you the tools,
all you have to do is listen to the
voices in your head.