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Home Digital Photography isn't the wave of the future,
it's right here, right now.

LivePix makes it simple.

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Photos-to-Disk Offer
You send your picture rolls to Kodak and get back your usual prints and negatives. But now, with this special offer, you also receive a Kodak Picture Disk with your photos ready to be manipulated and retouched in LivePix.

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Once you have your Kodak Picture Disk, LivePix now makes it possible for you to turn your photos into posters, calendars, t-shirts, email attachments, cards, and much more.

CAUTION: Use of this software may cause severe addiction in open-minded people

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Don't blame us.

terbo ted -- awesome shockwave master

B E p r e p a r e d
for Terbo Ted, the man who proves
that psychedelics are for the cautious at heart.
Download Shockwave so you don't miss the action.
Then alter Ted's moving images with a click of the wrist.

We asked a few world-famous illustrators to let their imaginations
run wild with Live Pix.
What follows is a nibble from the infinite feast.

Photos-to-Disk Offer