Stella Lai : Wedding

The picture-perfect marriage takes a twist in "Wedding." Stella Lai loves to turn tradition on its head, or heart, as the case may be. "Wedding" is a reminder that even in the sublime, the ridiculous isn't far away.

The wedding couple was cut out of a scanned photograph. Stella drew over the bride and groom's clothing with candy colors. She then drew light rays all around the couple, but it proved to be too much light, so she created the bubble sky background by painting a field of purple and then using an airbrush eraser to change the opacity. The flowers from a Chinese propaganda poster were mirror imaged to create a bouquet, and finally human hearts were given halos since Stella heard that every marriage is supposed to have heart.

Stella Lai has worked with photographers and designers in San Francisco and Hong Kong. She is currently studying graphic design at California College of Arts and Crafts.

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