It's the event of the season (actually it's a barbeque in your back yard)
and there'll be live music (from your CD collection)
and anybody who's anybody plans to be there
(including your dog groomer and yoga teacher).

Use LivePix to make invitations
that properly reflect your parties.

Little Bobby is so cute, he's an angel.
You've already taken 57 rolls of pictures and he's only two days old.
Face it, you have the cutest kid on the planet.
In fact, he's so cute you have to tell the whole world.

Personalized wedding invitations, birth announcements,
party invites, school presentations, business proposals,
calendars, holiday cards, newsletters . . .

Do it with LivePix.
Make your own cards, announcements and presentations.
Just design the image and then use a word processing
program to generate the text.

Terbo Ted's Invites

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