Gigi Biederman : Raphael

Confucius say: Don't take yourself too seriously. "Raphael" certainly doesn't. Gigi Biederman's playful birth announcement gives Hallmark severe labor pains. "Raphael" is intended to make a joyous occassion something to smile about. The UFOs, by the way, are somewhere up in the clouds with Raphael's parents.

The UFOs were downloaded from the internet. The border was pulled from a scan of a movie trailer and then cut out to create a frame. The cats were cut out from a photo from Gigi's collection of porcelain figurines (the truth is out of the bag). They have been rendered at a low opacity setting and then blurred in order to create a drop shadow that gives them dimension.

Gigi Biederman is a partner in Post Tool Design. Specializing in multi media, her clients include Warner Records, Colossal Pictures, Sony Music, Time Warner Cable, America Online, Lunar, Apple, Integral Research, the San Francisco AIGA, Steelcase Seating, Autodesk, Frogdesign, Swatch Watch, and Gramercy Pictures.

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