This amazing digital tool lets you stretch or compress just about anything, from a tiny eye to an entire body. Make your distortion as subtle or exaggerated as you like.

Distort example (larger)

Cut out any image with the silhouette tool to place it on any background.

Silhouette example (larger)

Too dark ? Red eyes ? No problem ! Special color enhancing and contrast correcting tools let you turn mistakes into masterpieces.

Enhance example (larger)

What you can do with text is virtually unlimited ! Size it. Color it. Skew it. Make it fuzzy. Even fill it with photos.

Stick-On Disguises
Stick all kinds of stuff - wigs, hats, masks and more - on unsuspecting friends and relatives. They won't even recognize themselves !

Disguises example (larger)

Put in Perspective
It's a whole new way to show off you photos. Rotate. Skew. Even squeeze the sides together to change the perspective.

Perspective example (larger)

Store your digital photos in the gallery. You can then drag and drop them into each project. Or even drag and drop them into organized albums.

Change Color
Make your photo sepia. Correct color. Even spill a wash of color (pale or intense) over an entire photo or just over a selected section.

Change Color example (larger)

Export Your Creations *
You can send your masterpieces to off to any other word processing and publishing program with a simple drag and drop action.

* with OLE 2.0 compatible applications.

Works with Most Popular File Formats
Import / Export in JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, Flashpix, IVUE

Compatible with Most Scanners, Digital Cameras and Printers
Import* photos from scanners, digital cameras, PhotoCD directly from LivePix (*Twain-compatible devices only).

Print with most popular printers (monochrome or color).

System Requirements -- Windows
+i486®DX4 100Mhz (Pentium® recommended)
+Windows® 95
+8 MB RAM (16MB recommended)
+20MB of available hard disk space
+SVGA (640X480) monitor with 256 colors
+Microsoft Windows compatible mouse
+CD-ROM drive

System Requirements -- Mac
To come soon !

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