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Captain He Long

Born in the mountains of Hunan province, he began his revolutionary career by attacking a government tax assessor with a butcher's cleaver. He fought in the long march, the Japanese war, and the civil war. In 1955 is was named one of china's ten Marshals. Lin Biao saw him as an enemy and when the Cultural Revolution broke out Lin and Jiang Qing targeted him. He died June 8, 1969 in the hospital to which he was taken despite his protest "they just want to kill me". He supposedly died after eating his quilt. Lin Biao: In 1959 Lin Biao became defense minister land later his legal successor. He took a leading role in the Cultural Revolution( along with Jiang Qing, Mao's wife), but Mao's favor began to ebb. He plotted to assassinate Mao and take power. He failed and, with his wife and son, fled China by plane, crashing to a fiery death in Mongolia, September 13, 1971.